T-Shirt Yarn

This collection includes one our biggest and most popular items, which includes a huge variety of colours.

We change our colour selection frequently to provide our customers with an endless choice of beautiful yarns to work with.

T-shirt Yarn is of course a 100% recycled product, being sourced from the textile and fashion industry and re purposed into a fantastic product to use for all of your crafting needs.

Originally used mainly for Crochet, it quickly developed a huge following by the Knitting community and not long after was being used to create magnificent Macrame masterpieces.

Because of its recycled nature, the colour supply is for ever changing and is hugely popular amongst makers today who feel that they have contributed to sustainability by saving it from landfill.

Perfect for use with size 8-15mm Crochet hooks or Knitting needles, depending on your project.

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