About our yarn

Our yarns are made from unused fabrics left over from the textile industry and  would have otherwise gone into land-fill. Instead they have been re-purposed and made into lovely, soft and very versatile crafting yarn. By using T-shirt, Ribbon Yarn Big and Little Cotton, you are helping the environment!

Each T-shirt yarn bobbin weighs between approximately 600-800gms. The length varies between 100-140 metres. Due to the recycled nature of this product, the colour and thickness can vary significantly. Imperfections, knots and join stitching are a common feature in all bobbins. 

Each Ribbon yarn bobbin weighs approximately 250gms. The length is approximately 130 metres. It is made from 100% recycled materials, 80% of which is cotton.

Each Pouf Rope weighs approximately 250gms. Our cotton rope is super soft, 5mm in diameter and approximately 90m in length. 

Each Big Cotton weighs approximately 250gms and is approximately 180 metres in length. It is made from 80% recycled cotton, and 20% other recycled fibres. In Australian terms we would classify the weight as a 12/14 ply. It is approximately 3mm in width for those of you wanting to utilise for Macrame.

Each Little Cotton weighs approximately 100gms and is approximately 170 metres in length. It is made from 85% recycled cotton and 15% polyester. In Australian terms we would classify the weight as a 5 ply.

As we can not guarantee exact colour matching, we recommend that you purchase enough yarn to complete your project. We are always receiving new colours, each delivery will consist of a completely new batch of shades. 

It is extremely difficult to photograph our products in a way that reflects their true colours. Please expect a slight variation between the product and the photograph displayed in our store. 

T-shirt, Ribbon, Pouf and Big Cotton may be used for many types of crochet, knitting, macrame or craft projects.  They are  commonly used for bags, baskets, cushions or throws, but you are only limited by your imagination!

Our yarns are 100% washable, cold machine wash, do not bleach or soak, and if required only need a cool iron.

All of the above-mentioned products originate from Turkey.