Recycled Cotton Soft Macrame Ropes 3ply 4mm

Recycled Cotton Soft Macrame Ropes 3ply 4mm


      We welcome the band new 100% recycled Cotton Soft Macrame Ropes, available in the ever popular 4mm width, this time in a convenient bundle!

      Recycled has been the ethos of Adelaide Hills Yarn Co since its inception in 2016 and adding a 100% recycled macrame product to the range is a necessary step towards providing our valued customers with the range that they desire.

      Ethically produced from 100% recycled waste from the fashion and textile industry, the process groups similar colours together, and using minimal water and no chemicals, regenerates the cottons into a brand new product ready for crafting!

      Available in a stunning range of popular and new shades, these 3ply sturdy beauties are non toxic, certified safe for children and meet certified worldwide textile standards.

      100% Cotton

      3ply / 4mm

      300gms /approx 50 metres 

      Item sold by weight and come in bundle form

      *Please be sure to purchase enough to complete your masterpiece as shades will vary between shipments