T-Shirt Yarn

T-Shirt Yarn



      T-shirt Yarn is a 100% recycled product, being sourced as waste from the textile and fashion industry and re purposed into a fantastic product to use for all of your crafting needs.

      Because of its recycled nature, the colour supply is for ever changing and is hugely popular amongst makers today who feel that they have contributed to sustainability by saving it from landfill.

      New shades arrive on the shelves regularly, which ensures one of the widest varieties of T-shirt yarn in Australia.

      As T-shirt Yarn is a fully recycled and repurposed product, you will never find the same colour in store twice. In short, this means the colours you see in stock now WILL NOT be restocked once sold out. Please be sure to order enough to complete your project as the exact same fabric and shade is unlikely to make another appearance!


      If you are in need of hooks or needles to complete your purchase, we have a great range available in store also. 

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