What is Track Back Yarn?

Strawberry Trifle track back t-shirt yarn. 100% recycled product produced from leftover textiles from the fashion industry.
We have been asked this a number of times over the years & if you are a regular t-shirt yarn user, you probably already know!

For those who don't, it's t-shirt yarn which is made from a particular type of fabric which has a back or reverse side with a different texture to the front. Ever remember having some athletic wear (back in the day!) with the textured track material on the inside of the fabric? Well, it brings back a few memories we would probably prefer to forget but these days the array of t-shirt yarn with track back (also referred to as pique fabric) can actually be very good quality. Most are the same colour as the front while some can be a contrasting colour, however our product descriptions will always detail what you need to know about each one. Why not give it a go? The backing can usually be worked into many projects without even showing it, while some customers find the texture can create a wonderful feature to any project!

As a business we decided from the beginning that the track back yarns were 'second grade' simply because we viewed the normal flat backed variety as the premium product. This is the only reason why we reduce the track back yarn in price - it has this particular 'flaw' so we sell them at discounted prices!

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