March Stitching - Shell Stitch


This month we welcome the SHELL STITCH - a classic and feminine stitch, when once you develop the rhythm, is a very easy stitch to master.

A firm favourite of mine, this stitch makes the perfect Autumn and Winter cowl or scarf and also looks stunning in baby bonnets or rompers.

For this stitch I have used FIDDLESTICKS WREN DK (8ply) in IVORY and it is written in American or US terms. I have used a 4mm Clover Amour hook.

Fiddlesticks Wren is a 100% cotton, DK (Double Knitting) or 8ply yarn that I love to use for lots of projects. There is a huge range of colours in store!


To start:

Take your crochet hook (relevant size to the yarn you are using) and chain in multiples of 6. I am making a soft case for my glasses with this swatch so did 42 chains. Then chain an extra 2 and turn your work.

In the second chain from the hook do a single crochet.

*skip 2 chains, do 5 x double crochet into the next chain space. Skip two chains, do 1 single crochet into the next chain. Repeat * until the end, leaving you with one chain. Do 1 single crochet into this stitch. Chain 3 and turn.

In the top of the single crochet from the previous round do 3 x DC. Now do a SC in the top of the middle stitch of the shell from the previous round. This will secure your shell. Skip 2 sts, and do 5 x DC into the SC from the previous round. Continue working across securing your shell with a SC in the middle shell stitch from the previous row, and working a shell into the SC from the previous row. Your last stitch will be just a half shell of 3 x DC. Chain 1 and turn.

Start this row with 1 x SC into the first stitch which is the last DC from the previous row. Skip 2 sts and work 5 x DC into the SC from the previous row. End this row with a SC into the last stitch. Chain 3 and turn.

Continue this pattern going back and forth securing your shells into the middle stitch in the shell from the previous row and doing your 5DC shells into the SC from the previous row.

You can start your project by doing one foundation row of SC, this makes for a neat and tidy edge!

You can use any yarn for a shell stitch really, if using thinner yarn maybe try 6 DC for your shells, if you are using a chunky yarn, try less DCs for you shell and so on! It also makes a gorgeous scalloped border for other blankets and things like tea towels.


Join me in April for another one of my favourite crochet stitches.

Happy crafting,

Amanda xx 

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