Make your very own fibre rainbow! FREE TUTORIAL!

Have you been wanting to create your very own fibre rainbow?

If the answer is YES then I have put together a simple step by step tutorial so you can create your very own masterpiece!

I have used our 3ply 20mm rope in NATURAL and Hello Bobbiny 3mm single twist string in WILD ROSE, SUNSET, BLUSH & MOONLIGHT.
You can create a smaller version by using only 3 or 4 strands of rope and cutting them shorter! Or you can use different coloured rope for the base to create a completely different effect!
The above piece creates quite a large rainbow measuring approximately 36cms tall and 34cms wide.
Step 1. Gather your supplies!
You will need:
Approx 3.5 metres of 3ply 20mm rope
4 or 5 different shades of string/yarn/fibre (between 10-20 mtrs of each colour)
Sharp scissors
Embroidery needle with large eye (for sewing in ends of string/fibre)
Tape measure 
Large sharp needle to sew rainbow together (try an upholstery needle)
Thick, sturdy sewing thread
Comb or pet brush to comb our fringe
Electrical/tape to tape the ends of your rope
Step 2: Lets cut our rope lengths and get started!
I cut 5 lengths of rope in the following lengths:
84cms - 76cms - 68cms - 60cms - 54cms
Lay your rainbow out in your desired shape starting with the longest piece of rope on the outside.  TIP* I always tape the end of my rope using electrical tape to stop the rope from unravelling. If you have a long length of rope, tape the rope at the measurement you want to cut ,and cut in the middle of the tape, that way you have two neat, taped ends!
Step 3: Lets wrap the rope - the fun part!
Decide which lengths of yarn will be wrapped in which colour (oh the combinations - decisions, decisions!) You can even use fun fibres like fabric or fluffy yarn! 
Starting with the longest rope, attach the coloured string you want, and tie off. Attach approx 10cms from the edge depending on what length fringe you would like.
Start wrapping, making sure the wraps are nice and tight and the strands are close together. You can hide the small tie under your wrap as you go. TIP* I find it easier to turn the rope rather than 'wrap' the cord around the rope.
Keep wrapping all the way along the rope until you reach the same distance from the end as you started with. Thread the end of your string through your embroidery needle and thread underneath your wraps (shown below) to make a nice tidy finish. Make sure this is at the back of your work. Trim off the end of the string. Repeat with the remaining colours, you can see I have left one piece of rope without wrapping to show off the rope. A great idea if you are using coloured rope!
Step 3: Sewing it all together.
With your rainbow facing downwards to your working surface, assemble the rainbow into your desired shape, ready to stitch together, longest rope on the outside, to shortest on the inside, level up the ends, you may need to fiddle with the wraps a little if you are a perfectionist like me! We are going to be sewing together on the rear of the work.
Thread your upholstery needle with your strong thread (I use a double strand) start sewing your ropes together. I start in the middle and work towards the ends to keep it neat, make sure your ropes are close together, and your work is nice and tight to avoid being able to see between the ropes. Once finished, tie off your thread and snip. 
This can be tedious, but rest assured the end result is worth it!!
Step 4: The finale!! Told you it was worth it!
Turn your work over so it is right way up. Take your comb or pet brush and give your fringe an initial brush. I unravel the ropes first to make it easier. Then take some sharp scissors and snip the fringe to your desired length. Give the fringe another brush. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the fringe. If you are anything like me, this may take many attempts!!
If you would like to hang your masterpiece, simply sew on a thin metal curtain ring or hook to the rear of your rainbow for easy hanging.
All done!! What a clever crafter you are! Make sure you show everyone what a fabulous rainbow you have created!
All of the products needed to make a rainbow are available in store, including 3ply 20mm ropes, in natural and colours. You can also try making one using 3ply 12mm rope. You can also find a range of suitable wrapping fibres in store including Hello Bobbiny Single Twist strings, Metallic Strings , Luxury Organic Recycled Cotton,  Big Cotton or even Ribbon Yarn. Most of these ropes and cords are Oeko Tex certified, using no harmful colours/ dyes or chemicals making them completely safe to use around children. 
Happy crafting! 
Amanda xx

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  • Sharon

    I’m interested to see the reverse side of your rainbow to see how it is sewn together. Can you share a photo of this please

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