January Stitching - Cluster Stitch


Welcome to the first month of my favourite crochet stitches!

We are starting the year with a beautiful textured stitch that makes your projects pop and one that you can easily mix with other rows of stitches in baby blankets to mix it up a little.

The name of this stitch? Well there are probably quite a few! It is very similar to a classic stitch called the Suzette stitch - but using a half double crochet stitch in place of a traditional double crochet stitch. 

For this stitch I have used FIDDLESTICKS WREN DK (8ply) in GREEN and the description uses US or American terminology. 


To start:

I have used a 4.5mm hook with this yarn to give a nice tight tension. My favourite hooks to use are Clover Amour  hooks. It will of course depend on your tension - if you are a tighter crocheter you could swap to a larger hook size, or alternatively, if you are a little more relaxed, swap to a smaller hook. Start by trying a small swatch, as this stitch is easily unravelled, and you can use your yarn again.

Start with an uneven number of chain stitches. I have done a washcloth sized sample so started with 41 chains.  *TIP - If you have a tight tension crochet your chain with a slightly larger hook size, then go down to your selected size hook for the remainder of the project. (half a size or a full size should do the trick!)

Single crochet in the second stitch from the chain and in all remaining chains. Chain 1 and turn.

You will now be starting your project with an even number of stitches.

Place a HDC (Half double crochet) in the very first stitch, skip a stitch, then place a single crochet and a half double crochet in the next stitch.

*Skip the next stitch, then place a single crochet and a half double crochet in the next stitch.

Repeat * until you have one stitch remaining.

Place a single crochet in the last remaining stitch. Chain 1 and turn.

Repeat starting with the HDC in the first stitch and so on.

You will be placing your stitches in the skipped stitch from the previous row.

After a few rows you will notice the beautiful texture it creates!

Finish off with a row of single crochet.



Fiddlesticks Wren is a 100% cotton, DK (Double Knitting) or 8ply yarn that I love using for baby blankets and washcloths. There are a huge range of colours available in store!


                                       Close up of crochet cluster stitch using Fiddlesticks Wren 8ply cotton in green shade


This is a great stitch to alternate in blocks with another simple stitch such a a single crochet or half double crochet stitch. This will make the row of cluster stitch stand out! Try crocheting your cluster stitch rows in one colour and your other stitch rows in another colour to make each block pop!

Pop back again in February to see the next of my favourite crochet stitches!

And please feel free to check out my other Blog posts for some free stuff!

Amanda x 

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