We welcome compostable mailing bags!

We are very excited to have introduced the Heropack compostable mailers to our business. When we first started Adelaide Hills Yarn Co. we were particularly excited by the concept of taking what would normally be landfill fabric scraps & instead producing them into an exciting range of chunky yarns that can be used in thousands of different ways! 

So when the ability to integrate compostable postage or mailing bags became a reality, there wasn't much to think about except - let's do it! There was some testing done to monitor their durability & a few headaches working out how to use them within the Australia Post system however we were determined to make it work - and we did! We are currently using 3 different size Heropack bags, with the view to integrating the 2 largest sizes in the near future. 



This is a great opportunity to share the nitty gritty about these bags...so here are some important questions answered:

What are Heropack mailer bags?

They are 100% certified compostable mailing bags, so NO PLASTIC contained at all. They are made of cornstarch & cassava roots & are easily broken down in a home compost, leaving no toxins behind.

How long do they take to break down?

The bag will break down within 90 - 120 days - sometimes sooner.

How do I compost them?

Remove any labels (please place in the recycle), cut the bag up & place in your compost bin - it's really that simple.

What if the bag ends up in landfill?

The good news is that the bag will still break down however it will take longer. In a landfill environment it will take about 2 years. Considerably better than about 400 years that a standard plastic mailer would take. Obviously we would very much prefer them to hit the compost bins though!

What if I don't have a home compost?

Good question! You can ask your local council to provide you with a compost bin, a lot of councils are now on board with these. Alternatively, if you are in Australia you can go to www.aora.org.au/find-a-composter to find your nearest composter. Alternatively you can also visit www.sharewaste.com to find a home compost enthusiast near you. How cool is that??

We can all do our small part to contribute to less waste. It may not seem to amount to much individually, but if we all contributed in small ways it would make a HUGE difference!  

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