April Stitching - Herringbone Half Double Crochet


This month we have seen some cooler mornings and the Autumnal tones are starting to appear.

This beautiful and effective stitch, HHDC or Herringbone Half Double Crochet makes a regular appearance in my work and after a few rows back and forth you can really start to see the stitch definition appearing.

I often use it in blocks and combine it with other blocks of a more detailed stitch and they make a winning combo!

For this stitch I have used FIDDLESTICKS WREN DK (8ply) in STONE and it is written in American or US terms. I have used a 4mm Clover Amour hook.

Fiddlesticks Wren is a 100% cotton, DK (Double Knitting) or 8ply yarn that I love to use for lots of projects. There is a huge range of colours in store!

To start:

Take your crochet hook (relevant size to the yarn you are using) and chain an even number of stitches, plus one extra chain. 

Turn your work and single crochet in the second chain from the hook and in every chain. You should have an even number of stitches. Chain 1 and turn your work.

HHDC - Yarn over and insert your hook into the first stitch. Yarn over and pull through the first stitch and the first loop on your hook (like a slip stitch). You will have 2 loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through both loops.

HHDC in each stitch along, it may be helpful to mark the first and last stitch in each row with a stitch marker to avoid adding extra stitches along the way. You should have an even number of stitches in each row. Chain 1 and turn and repeat your HHDC stitch in every row!

You can see below my combination of this stitch with blocks of another stitch in different shades. This stunning patten is HENRY'S BABY BLANKET, a free pattern by YARN & CHAI DESIGNS.  For this blanket I used 8ply cotton. 


If there is a stitch you would like me to cover, please feel free to comment!

Join me again in May for another of my favourite stitches. May is Do it for Dolly month, a month of focusing on blue yarns and fundraising for Dolly's Dream Australia. 

Happy Crafting,

Amanda xx 

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