2019 recap - what's been happening?


 Well, it’s been a busy & productive start to the 2019 year - here’s what's happened so far!



 The beginning of the year saw us receiving a couple of long awaited shipments & busily restocking various yarn - mostly our ever popular t-shirt yarn. The sorting & naming are always the most time consuming - there are always lots of different shades & they need to be categorised accordingly.


Did you know?


We always try to give a yarn shade a name that gives our customers an idea of the colour. Not always an easy thing to do & not always possible! We also like to sometimes pay homage to our local area with names from around our fabulous home - the Adelaide Hills. Occasionally we also like to throw in some random names which just seem to suit our slightly warped sense of humours!? 



 February was another busy month, culminating in our first ever feather wallhanging workshop held at the gorgeous Brick + Mortar Creative space in Norwood.


Our sold out workshop was attended by some lovely ladies that made some striking pieces in different colours & sizes. For this workshop we used our Big Cotton yarn which comes in a vast range of colours & is emerging as a very versatile little product. It is a yarn formed with many fibres in a single twist. It is lightweight, soft to the touch & consists of approximately 80% cotton & 20% polyester. It is approximately 3mm in diameter, weighs 250g each & has a sizeable 180m of yarn in each ball. There is enough yarn to crochet or knit a 50cm x 50cm surface. For the Macrame enthusiasts, it is able to be frayed or brushed out which is why it was perfect for our feather wallhanging workshop! You could certain use the Bobbiny cord too for this kind of project - the 3mm for a smaller feather, but the 5mm also works well if you would like to make a nice big one! 

    Olive big cotton close up viewFeather wallhangingButtermilk yellow big cotton



 March was another huge month & one we won’t forget in a hurry! We attended the wonderful Fibre Feast markets on March 16th which was held at the Adtornish Primary School at St Agnes. It’s a certainly a treat to be in company of a whole range of ‘yarny’ businesses of all different kinds! It’s something that we would love to see more of to build more of presence in a thriving community of yarn & craft right here in Adelaide. It was a beautiful warm day & we met so many great people who kept us very busy all day! So much so, we unfortunately didn’t get time to speak to the other stall holders but fantastic nonetheless! Thankyou to all of those that attended & took the time to come & see us, we very much appreciate it & hope that we can see you all again next year.

         Fibre feast market           Bobbiny ropes


At the end of the month we travelled to the beautiful city of Cologne in Germany to attend the world’s largest handmade & hobby fair! Our plan was to find some new products that we could incorporate into our store & perhaps look at new ideas for some upcoming workshops. The fair is very large - set in two multi-level exhibition buildings. Needless to say it was quite overwhelming at first - so much to see & so little time! We worked our way through in a logical manner so as not to miss anything. We spoke to lots of companies, who were quite intrigued & surprised when we said we were from Australia! We were also able to meet some of our current suppliers for the first time which was very pleasing. It’s sometimes very hard to communicate effectively via email when things can easily get lost in translation! We were able to introduce ourselves in person & say hi which was quite lovely.

There was such an array of yarn available - the tricky part is being able to find a way to get it here to Australia. The good news is we will definitely be introducing some new products so please keep an eye out on Instagram & Facebook for further announcements about these. We definitely hope to bring our customers more variety, whilst still striving to stock as many recycled & sustainable products as possible. 


We were able to enjoy a few days exploring Cologne which was an amazing experience. A couple of highlights were the Dom Cathedral & the Lindt chocolate museum. 

  Lindt museum Cologne      Bobbiny      H+H fair Cologne


Did you know?

Cologne is home to the Ludwig museum which contains the largest collection of Picasso pieces in Europe.



April found us back home in Australia & after recovering from a little bit of jet lag we were back into the swing of things! Lots of orders to be packed & catching up to do. We then held our crochet basket with handles workshop on the 28th at the Thebarton Community Centre. 


The ladies that attended initially had a hard time picking which colour yarn to use - the range of colours available really does make it difficult! This workshop used our versatile t-shirt yarn along with the gorgeous timber bases made by Basket Bases Australia.

                                     T-shirt yarn basket with leather handles

To add a little more style, we utilised some beautiful leather straps to the baskets - they looked fabulous!

If you would like to make a crochet basket like this, please have a look at our selection of available patterns on the store. They don’t take much time to make & you can modify them to suit your needs. They have hundreds of different uses - or what a gorgeous handmade gift! 

 So now that the Winter weather has really settled in, it’s a great time to pick up a WIP & get creative! Don’t forget to share your creations with us, we never get tired of seeing the end results of some fabulous imaginations! 



Amanda & Diana x



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